How we work

The wellbeing of seafarers is at the heart of everything we do. Around the world – from Falmouth to Fujairah – The Mission to Seafarers is there for the 1.5 million seafarers who crew the world's merchant fleet.


Port-based chaplains and ship-visitors

In over 200 ports in 50 countries we provide a network of professionally-trained chaplains and ship visitors who meet a vast array of seafarers' needs. From selling telephone cards to changing money into local currency, our ship visitors are often the first people on board a vessel offering a welcome and practical assistance. Their knowledge of the local area means that they are able to arrange transportation to the nearest shopping centre or call on local services during times of emergency.

Flying Angel centres

In 121 ports we run Flying Angel Centres – port-based buildings which provide affordable access to the internet and telephone for seafarers wanting to contact home. Many of these facilities operate around the clock to meet the needs of crews arriving day and night. Along with access to communications, the centres offer recreational facilities and a small shop which sells essential supplies. In all of our centres, a quiet chapel is provided for seafarers wishing to get pastoral support, counsel and spiritual assistance.

Family Projects - Manila the Philippines, Odessa the Ukraine and Yangon Myanmar

New for 2016 The Mission to Seafarers has launched three new 'family projects' - one in Odessa Ukraine to help seafarers' families utilise IT, social media and communications; one in Manila The Philippines - the home of modern seafaring - based on the 'Citizens' Advice Bureau' model to support families of seafarers with a range of topics including counselling, finance and employment support; and the third project in Yangon Myanmar (see photo above.) The Mission in Yangon will support seafarers and their families, plus provide 3 days per week ship-visiting services.

Manila Family Network flier English Language Version [opens in another window and requires a PDF reader.]

Manila Family Network flier Tagalog Language Version [opens in another window and requires a PDF reader.]


Specially trained staff

Our front-line representatives are trained in post-trauma care, bereavement counselling and general pastoral welfare. Seafarers often use their limited time in port to request a private session with a chaplains where they can unburden a personal problem or seek practical advice for an issue at home.

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