Our impact

Day and night, the Mission is on call for seafarers in over 200 ports worldwide. Seafarers seek our assistance because all too often they have nowhere else to turn. Our chaplains send in stories about the seafarers they meet every day, and each one gives a snapshot of the kinds of challenges and trauma seafarers face, and how our teams around the world support them.


When a seafarer is...

shipwrecked and has lost everything, the Mission is there with clothes, food, accommodation, safe refuge and that vital phone call home.

injured and alone in a foreign hospital our staff visit him, offer support and liaise with his family.

stranded without pay, with no food, money or ticket home, the MtS provides for him and helps with embassy, legal and immigration issues.

taken hostage by pirates the MtS liaises with his family and is there to offer counselling and post-trauma care for him when he is released.

not paid by his company after many months at sea, the Mission helps negotiate with his employers and arrange legal or union advice.

denied shore leave and unable to make contact with his family our ship-visitors take internet-linked laptops, phone cards and newspapers on board.

on a short turnaround in port with barely any time ashore, our staff transport them to Flying Angel Clubs where they can socialise, have meals, contact their families and enjoy a break from their ship.

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