When the 24-strong crew of the Golden Wave were released after four months in pirate hands, the Mission in Mombasa was there to help.

In October 2010, Kenyan fishing vessel the Golden Wave was attacked by pirates who took control of the vessel and used it as a ‘mothership’ to launch more hijackings. Crew members were forced at gunpoint to sail across huge swathes of the Indian Ocean, and at one point were close to Colombo, some 2,500 nautical miles from their original location.

Our chaplain in Mombasa, Fr Michael Sparrow, said, “One of the seafarers told me that he was assaulted with a weapon because he could not make the pirates understand that they were low on fuel. Another told me that the seafarers had to fish for food to supplement their diet because they only had limited stores.”

The Mission centre in Mombasa has supported the men with counselling and post-trauma care after this terrifying and prolonged ordeal, as well as helping them to contact their anxious families back at home. The crew also approached the Mission for help in taking up their case for compensation and payment of lost wages with the shipping company.

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