Family Liaison

Despite living in an interconnected world driven by advances in communication, 72 percent of working seafarers have no on-board internet connection. Additionally, shorter port stays and reduced shore leave mean that there is not often an available facility to contact loved ones at home. The importance of such contact cannot be underestimated in terms of combatting the loneliness that seafarers face when away from home for up to a year at a time. This is particularly evident in the aftermath of environmental disasters such as the typhoons that have struck the Philippines. Our chaplains have witnessed both the joy of seafarers seeing the first pictures of their child, or have comforted them when there is more unwelcome news.

The Mission to Seafarers (We) work(s) hard to help seafarers to keep in touch with their families. Our port based operations provide free transport for seafarers and our Flying Angel Centres have specific internet dedicated terminals where seafarers can contact home. We also sell internet and telephone cards for visiting seafarers that can use them on-board.  For those unable to leave the ship, our chaplains and ship-visitors take portable Internet-linked devices, phone and internet cards and newspapers to the crews. In Hong Kong and Dubai, the Mission uses bespoke launches to reach crews held at off-shore anchorages, while in The Philippines and Ukraine, the Mission funds seafarer community support projects that give families the IT skills to help them stay in touch with their seafaring relations. 

In 2014 Mission to Seafarers chaplains and their volunteers; visited 68,000 ships to reach 1,020,000 seafarers, transported 280,000 seafarers and over 800,000 seafarers visited our centres.

Your support makes this work possible. 

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