Unpaid Wages

When two Romanian seafarers spent four months stranded on board a laid up bulk carrier with no wages or supplies, the Falmouth MtS swung into action.

When work for the ship dried up, the men were instructed to guard the vessel as it sat in the River Fal. They were left in filthy conditions with no money, and had been reduced to washing with rainwater as they waited to receive their unpaid wages.

The MtS in Falmouth heard of the men’s plight, and supported them until at last the ship was arrested and the Maritime Coastguard Agency served an order instructing the crew to leave. Penny Phillips, chairman of MtS Falmouth, said, “We cannot have a situation where anyone is expected to catch rainwater to keep themselves clean. We were delighted once the prohibition order had been served and the crew was brought to Falmouth.”

The Mission helped the men to find temporary accommodation in a hotel, and supported them until their return home.

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