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This area of our website is designed to provide information and help to the seafarers we support. For more information, please scroll down to read more about our services or use the links on the left.

A Mission chaplain on a ship visit in Antwerp

Here, you can contact us confidentially if you have a problem, you can find out which ports we have a Flying Angel club or seafarers' centre in

You can now connect with us on a whole range of social networks to keep up with what the Mission is doing around the world, or you can catch up with the latest shipping and maritime news by reading our newspaper for seafarers, The Sea.

Get involved and make a difference

We asked seafarers around the world what they thought about the work we do, so that we can improve the services we offer. Seafarers responded positively, and we're currently studying the results and the feedback we received. Check back soon to see the results!

You can get involved in our one-question poll, too. This month, we're asking: what social networks do you use?

Our services

From Thailand to Tanzania, The Mission to Seafarers is there for the world’s 1.5 million seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs. We offer:

Ship-visitingOur chaplains visit hundreds of ships a day in ports around the world to give seafarers a friendly welcome and offer help, support and advice. 

Flying Angel centresWe have seafarers’ centres in 121 ports, offering food and drink, television, books and a place to relax away from your ship.

A chance to call homeOur Flying Angel phone card is known by seafarers around the world and can be used to contact friends and loved ones. At our centres you’ll find wifi internet for Skype calls, as well as phone connections.

Transport – In many ports our chaplains provide tra­­nsport to take seafarers to the nearest town for shopping and sightseeing, so that you can make the most of your time ashore.

Someone to talk to – Our chaplains are good listeners. If you just need someone to talk to about worries or problems, they will be happy to sit with you and offer support and advice.

Welfare services – If you’re having employment problems, have not been paid or need help accessing legal advice, our chaplains can help you to speak to the right people.

Health at sea - It is often difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle when you are a seafarer. We have supplied some useful advice and links which we hope will help you to keep healthy on board - fitness, healthy eating, lifestyle advice etc.

Emergency help – If you are in trouble in a foreign port the Mission to Seafarers is there to help. Our chaplains can contact your family and find local support and advice. We are there for seafarers who have no one else to turn to.

Spiritual support - Mission centres provide Christian services, spiritual support and opportunities for prayer and quiet reflection. We serve seafarers of all beliefs and work in partnership with other faith groups to meet their spiritual needs, whatever they may be.

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