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Welcome to Dublin

We are located in Ireland
The local time is (GMT +0)

Contact Information
contacts : Dermot Desmond / The Revd William Black (Hon Chaplain)
address : No.3 Branch Road South
Alexandra Basin
Dublin Port
Dublin 1
telephone : +353 1 8366672 - Centre / Hon Chaplain: +353 1 8323141
mobile : +353 870 666231
email : click here to email
local website :

Opening Times
13.30 to 16.30 Monday to Thursday
19.00 to 21.00 (later when busy) every evening

A friendly and safe home from home while you are in Dublin port.  Please click through the links to see our facilities etc.

WiFi: Seafarers are welcome to avail of our WiFi and internet services free of charge.

SeaRoam global sim cards for voice and data (mobile phones and dongles) are available for sale

Telephones: we have 8 phones (VOIP)

Bus collection: The Stella Maris minibus collects seafarers every evening from 19.30 hrs, calling at all ships, and at the Flying Angel centre, to take seafarers to the Stella Maris centre located in the city centre.  The minibus returns to the port between 22.30 and 23.00 hrs. (when ships are working [operations], seafarers who wish to avail of it should meet it at the Flying Angel centre.)

Tram: The tram (‘The Luas') provides regular cheap and rapid transport to the city centre from the point terminus located near the ferris wheel.  The city centre stops are  ‘Abbey' and ‘Jervis'.  Ticket-dispensing machines (touch-screen) are located on the platforms at each station, and will give change.s

Bibles: English, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Latvian, Finnish, Serbian, Croatian,  Urdu.

Religious (Anglican) services

Daily Eucharist at St Ann's at 12.45 hrs (except sat.)

  • Sunday Service at St Ann's 11.15 hrs
  • Holy Communion can be celebrated on board ship
  • or in the Flying Angel centre on request



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