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Send a Gift of Hope to a seafarer this Christmas.


For the world’s 1.5 million seafarers, Christmas will be just another day at sea. Thousands of seafarers are preparing to spend a lonely Christmas away from family and friends, most will go without hearing from loved ones, or seeing the faces they hold dear. Instead of sharing in the warmth, love and joy of the season, they will be working round the clock, giving their all to bring us our supplies of luxury goods and basic essentials. 

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The Mission – first on hand to help the Hoegh Osaka crew

To provide for their family, a seafarer will leave home for months or even years,working long shifts, and facing dangers like hurricanes, pirate attack and shipwreck. 

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Along with each of the 1.5 million seafarers around the world, the Hoegh Osaka crew knew the risks were real and carried that fear with them every day during their long voyage. Without the Hoegh Osaka crew and other seafarers like them, you and I would go without over 90% of the goods that line our supermarket shelves. In fact, our supermarkets would be empty of virtually everything, from tea to petrol, in a matter of days. Our convenience can sometimes come at a terrible human cost. The risks are very real. Read more


One World, One Mission: "I cannot repay what the Mission has done for 

me in this lifetime."



Wenying was a seafarer based in Hong Kong when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her husband Raja was out at sea when she was given the news, and he felt like they both had nowhere to turn - until The Mission to Seafarers stepped in.

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Abandoned seafarers: Make a difference to seafarers like George and Florin



George and Florin had been working on a ship that had arrived in the UK when they were abandoned. Wages stopped coming in. Food and water deliveries stopped arriving. Fuel didn't show up. Soon, they were left starving on a ship with no power, with no way to get home. They were stranded, thousands of miles from their families. They thought they had nowhere to go.

Find out what happened when the Mission stepped in here.

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TRAGEDY AT SEA: Dee's appeal



Dee was working off the coast of Ireland when he heard the tragic news that his wife, back in Ghana, had died. Matters were made worse by the fact that his son was left all alone at home during this traumatic time. In a  cruel twist of fate, Dee's passport had expired the day before, so he was unable to return home.

Luckily, the Mission was there to help.

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ship is safe. Every crew is vulnerable.

piracy imageHundreds of seafarers are currently being held hostage by pirates in dehumanising and brutal conditions. Their captors are ruthless criminals, and many are subjected to torture, beating and physical abuse. We are there in the hours and days after seafarers have been attacked and for those who have survived many months in captivity.

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Help us right the wrongs!


When someone you know, or worse, a member of your family, is suddenly imprisoned and unable to return home, what is your instant reaction? Around the world there are hundreds of seafarers relying on us right now for food, water and the vital advocacy that will get them back home. You can help us reunite families and ensure justice is done.

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