Injustice & abandonment

Help us right the wrongs!

No seafarer should have to fight to clear his or her name when rogue ship owners are not there to be held accountable. No seafarer should be accused and as in many cases, imprisoned for maritime incidents that are beyond their control. No seafarer, and especially not those from poor countries with families dependent on them for survival, should have to wait months or even years to be paid because their employers default on their financial obligations.


The majority of ship owners are responsible and accountable and we work with the shipping industry and relevant bodies across the world to help owners and companies to make a seafaring a good career where you can expect fair pay and decent working conditions. But for the minority who abuse the trust and good faith of thousands of hard-working crews, we need to be there in every port standing up for the rights of seafarers.

As legal processes drag on, the Mission’s regular deliveries of food and water are vital to the well being of the crew. The phone calls to talk with children or say “Hi Mum” put minds at ease, they reassure and reconnect worried families. Our work to secure back-pay also helps ensure those children are fed.

Every seafarer has our support for as long as it’s needed, even if it that means years. Until he is finally free to set a course for home, The Mission is a constant friend. Your gift today could help us reunite a family.

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