Will you help seafarers like George and Florin?

To support our appeal, and to help support seafarers around the world in their time of need, click here to donate now.

George and Florin were abandoned on a ship in Cornwall.

Getting a placement on the vessel was a heaven-sent opportunity for these two Romanian seafarers. But that soon turned into the job from hell. Their wages stopped being paid, supplies of food and water stopped being delivered, and the ship’s generators packed up. They soon found themselves living on a ship with no power or water. Things got so desperate that they were forced to fish over the side so that they had enough food to eat.

They were at breaking point when The Mission to Seafarers found them.

They were in a foreign country with no food and no money, and knew that back at home, their families, depending on their income, were being forced to beg to make ends meet.

However, thanks to generous people like you, we were there to help. We were able to fly the men home and were also able to help support them and their families in their hour of need.

George said: "I could not have done this without The Mission to Seafarers. You made it all happen. Thank you."

The seafaring community is made up of strong, courageous men and women who face the elements every day in order to bring us over 90 per cent of the goods that we use on a daily basis and to put bread on their family’s table. But sometimes, rogue ship owners and shoddy work practices mean that these independent people need our assistance.

"We want to say thank you all at the Mission for helping us. If it wasn't for the Mission global family we might still be on the ship. The money you gave helped us greatly," said Florin.

George and Florin have managed to put their lives back on track thanks your generosity.

Unfortunately, there are still seafarers around the world who have been abandoned on vessels in foreign ports and who are looking to The Mission to Seafarers for help. With your kindness we can continue to bring relief and hope to those who are too often forgotten.

Please help us to make sure that we are there for those who suffer at sea. With your continued support I can assure you that our chaplains remain ready and alert to assist the world’s 1.3 million seafarers in any way that we can.

£5 will help our chaplains provide essential humanitarian assistance to seafarers in their hour of need.
£10 could help pay for a phone call home to say "I’m safe".
£20 could help pay towards clothing and toiletries for a shipwrecked crew.

To support our appeal, and to help support seafarers around the world in their time of need, click here to donate now.

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