Why every adult needs a Will

Many people feel that they may not need a Will because of their personal circumstances. However, the truth is that anyone with assets, such as property, stocks, or life insurance, needs a Will in order to clarify their wishes.

The process of drafting a Will allows you to examine your assets and your priorities, ensuring that the people and charities important to you will be protected after your death.

If those priorities change over time, your Will can always be updated. A Will is a flexible document that can be changed at any point during your lifetime. However, if you die without a Will, your family will have little say regarding what happens to your assets. Instead, the Government will divide your estate based on legal standards.Without a Will, your assets may not all be known, and your personal wishes cannot be expressed or adhered to.

Why a solicitor is necessary

While a Will is a lasting and personal expression of your priorities after your lifetime, it is also important that it meets legal standards to ensure that it’s valid and enforceable. For this reason, having your Will drafted or reviewed by a solicitor is an important step in the process. 

For help in locating a qualified solicitor, contact your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or The Law Society.

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